We tried OLAPLEX years ago when it came out first, but it just did not suit my hair, so if something does not suit my hair or skin, we have a policy where we do add it as a product into Allure, so when my current stylists looked for Olaplex again,  I was in between 2 minds…… however NOW I LOVE it….

I think back then, when it was so new, and we tried it out, we did not have the measurements correct, when you use something with a fantastic reputation that works, usually it is so concentrated it can go the opposite to what it should do if it is not measured right. Believe it or not this shows how good a product is.

This time we have all our training conduted in Olaplex and we are on it, so when Emer added Olaplex to my hair colour mixture for my highlights, I could notice the difference straight away, an it is amazing!!!

My hair has never felt so soft, has no frizz and my blow dry is lasting longer, and I can dry my own hair now but mainly my hair which is very thin and over processed is growing and this NEVER HAPPENS!!

I am in Love with Olaplex now and I even bought the NO 3 to have an extension of the salon professional treatment at home.

Since adding the No 3 product to Allure it is selling so fast, from people all over Ireland. You can get yours today by clicking here.

  • You can also pop into us for a Olaplex stand alone treatment along with your blow dry.
  • You can also have Olaplex added into your colour mixture whether a full colour, balayage or hilights.

This is a miracle in a bottle and we are loving it and delighted we nailed it this time.

” Your hair deserves it”

Much Love

Joan x

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